Relation of a mother and a son before and after his marriage…The name of the story is “Ghee Shakkar” as that was Son’s favorite dish his mother cooked for him….


VafaaWhom he was betraying? Story of human relations and emotions.

Antar Aatma

Antar AatmaThe struggle of a woman from birth to death….

The Australian Student

The Australian StudentTrue stories of some students who came to Australia for studies by those students themselves.


SusraalSusraal – Differences a girl create in a family. How everything her parents did or say was love but when she got married she was not able to listen anything from boy’s parents.

Ek Mulakat…

Ek MulakatStory of a mother and her wish to see her son before she dies….(More details will be published soon)

Uss Taraf…

Uss TarafStory of a joint family….

Aakhri Umeed

Aakhri UmeedLast days of a cancer patient but there was a little hope in him….

Laal Chudiyaan

Laal ChudiyaanIt was the dream of the father to marry his daughter to the richest person in his society.

Mere Geet…

Mere GeetStory of two brothers and a promise that younger brother will always play/listen elder brother’s songs….